Re: Blackstone future- US production

Lee Gustafson


I appreciate how your health ( I had a detached retina ) can impact your model building ability, skill, desires and lead to frustration. Yes, Blackstone products provide a path to HOn3 that did not exist before they entered the market place. Model building can be good therapy if it's approached with simple projects and modest expectations. Scenery, pre-fab easy to build structures and completing small scenes can be satisfying if the project is small and taken at a modest pace. Model building should be enjoyable. Try not to be too hard on yourself and take pleasure in the simple projects. Take care and best wishes.

Lee Gustafson

No, I have never had the skills to scratchbuild or build craftsman type kits prior to 2016 and since I had a stroke in 2016 that took out my left side and I lost fine motor control of my left hand I'm definitely out of that game and that's where Blackstone has been a blessing for me; RTR, great quality, and locos with DCC and sound already installed, just add some track, scenery, and pre-fab or easy to build structures and presto...instant railroad!....kinda. Blackstone and the EBT hoppers got me to switch to HOn3. Of course I'm stubborn and will try to "push the limits" and then have stuff turnout like crap and bust it up in anger and trash it; ever since the stroke I lost my patience to work through problems and get angry right away; hence the smashing and trashing :-(

"Have we all forgotten how we modeled prior to Blackstone? "
Nathan Kline
Tiadaghton Valley Railroad & Coal Co.
McConnellsburg, PA

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