Ragg's RGS Placerville Warehouse kit


We never really announced our new kit, but about a month ago I made the mistake(?) of posting a picture of it on our website, along with ordering information for the HO and S-scale versions.  We're already in our third run for the S modelers and just started shipping the HO kits yesterday.  So it's "official"!  Our new RGS Placerville Warehouse kit is now available and shipping in both S and HO (O is soon to follow).

          Placerville Warehouse

This is the warehouse that was located just behind the depot.  I've shrunk it a bit to make it more usable by modelers, and the loading dock is easily eliminated if you're really strapped for depth.  The HO footprint is 5 1/2 x 11 inches (14 x 28cm), including the platform.  The roof is removable for those folks that enjoy interior detailing, the building's siding is modeled after the RGS's odd arrangement of corrugated and wood planking, and the kit has something new from us:  laser etched "stone" for the foundation.

The HO kit sells for $130, but we HIGHLY recommend also ordering a roll of Ragg's Sticky Tape (now back in stock!) for applying the corrugated metal.

More photos, information, and ordering can be found on our website:  http://raggstoriches.com

(I hope that link works....I've had more trouble with getting it "right" for Groups.io!)

Hope to hear from you!


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