Re: Disassembly of BS Boxcar

Dale Buxton

There are instructions at the Blackstone Web page on how to take their house cars apart so you can put a sound car module in them. Look under "Sound Car" at the "Blackstone" web site. If you can't find that information, taking them apart works like this. Take the air-hoses off first or they will go flying and you will most likely never find them again. The same goes for the coupler cut levers. Next, There are (2) body locking tabs on either side of the coupler boxes. These are on the car ends. Working from the non-brake staff end. Work a a very gently tapered, flat-head, screw driver blade into the seam between the plastic car body and the die-cast frame. Wiggle it around and into the seam until you can get the frame to start working up out of the car body. Don't pry back too hard or you will damage the car ends. They are very thin in this area. Be mindful of the brake staff and brake chain roller as the frame starts to come out of the body.  That's about it. You just have to work very slowly and gently to do this.

Dale Buxton

On Fri, Feb 22, 2019 at 4:56 PM Dusty <> wrote:
Has anyone taken a Blackstone box car apart? I'd like to try to strip and repaint a couple. Maybe it's not possible?

Dusty Burman 

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