Re: Mounting Tortoise Machine through Foam

Bruce Petrarca

I’ve recommended using plywood or Masonite the same thickness as your roadbed. Cut a section about as large as your turnout - but a bit smaller. Don’t want the edge of the board to be coincident with the rail joiners.

Cut a larger than needed hole for the Tortoise in the foam. 

Build your Tortoise and turnout assembly on the board on the workbench. There you can adjust and troubleshoot the assembly.

Pull the Tortoise wires through the hole and attach them. Slip the turnout assembly into position. Attach rail joiners. The wood can be secured to the foam with caulk. 
Bruce Petrarca, Mr. DCC; MMR #574

On Jan 20, 2019, at 9:52 PM, asandrini <asandrini@...> wrote:


Sorry for the multiple listings, but I am trying to reach as many modelers
as possible to see if there is an answer to my problem.

In the construction of my port town of Scott's Bay, I used 2" form on ½"
plywood.  As a river, the bay and wharf areas were to be lower than ground
level, I thought it would be easier to cut it out of the pink foam.  My
conundrum is that I cannot mount Tortoise machines in their normal manner.
I purchased some of their remote mounts, but my 71 year old knees are having
trouble kneeling down and trying to fit everything together under the bottom
of the benchwork (40" in height, track is at 42 7/8" ).  I would like to use
the Tortoise machine to move a wire that rises through a tube two ties from
the throwbar.  The wire would be bent at 90 degrees and then another bend of
90 degrees to drop it down through the throwbar.

What I am wanting to do is mount the Tortoise in its normal manner and have
the wire which attaches to the machine move the wire that moves the
throwbar.  I am sure that someone out there has come up with a way to do

My crude drawing attached is a way in which I think may work, but am needing
some help from the groups.

I am going to try to embed the drawing here, but will also add it as an



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