Re: LED headlight

Mick Moignard

I’ve seen this issue before with Blackstone K27 locos.  A friend has one that blows the headlight LED occasionally.  I just pull out (gently) the circuit board from the headlight and replace the LED. Think I’ve done it twice already.  I guess the issue is elsewhere in the loco electronics or more likely that one of the wires is damaged on its way thru the loco. One place for that is actually where the two wires to the light pass by the gearbox and are held under clips on it.  If one of those wires gets nicked and squashed it might short to track power some where on the chassis and that overwhelms the LED.  I’ve not explored that far.  Another possibility is an occasional short to another wire in the loco/tender plug area, or if it is a first run loco, that the braided wires used in the plug are breaking down and shorting occasionally.  All fixable tho, with time and care.


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