Re: Pricing Exercise for HOn3 Mogul

Jim Marlett

I probably shouldn’t be weighing in on this at all, but I have a few observations from my own egocentric view of the world.

I’m not much of a buyer/collector. I try to limit purchases to something I can use or really, really want. Right now I have only three Blackstone K-27s that are running with DCC. That is enough for me right now.

I suspect, and not without some verification, that my interest matches that of the overwhelming majority of the HOn3 world, namely I am focused on RGS/D&RGW even though my railroad is freelance. I am fond of the big Ks, particularly K-28s, K-36s and K-37s. Next come the 2-8-0s. I have no use for nor do I have the desire to own a 2-6-0.

Although I have set my time frame in the WWII era, it looks to me like most folks model either the ‘30s or post WWII.

I don’t demand a lot of detail on my models, but I want them to run smooth as silk.

I want DCC and I want the sound to be as good as possible. This includes having a properly synchronized chuff.

My nomination for a lower cost HOn3 locomotive already exists, although it is currently out of production, and that is the Blackstone C-19. In our “narrow” market, I think any new locomotive under $400-$500 that runs like it should is pretty unlikely.

Any comparison to Bachman On30 is useless. On30 cashes in on existing HO technology and parts.

If it is new stuff to be manufactured, if Kadee would come out with a new HOn3 coupler that was built like the reliable standard gauge 5 & 10s, dropped into their current HOn3 box, and didn’t give the Kadee slinky bounce, I’d be all in. As it is, I’m considering switching to Sergent couplers.

Jim Marlett

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