Re: Pricing Exercise for HOn3 Mogul


About a decade ago Blackstone sent out a market survey to the HOn3 community soliciting likes and wants for them to build.

Many of us eagerly listed their favourites locos, roads etc. I don’t doubt that there were a few moguls included in that list even a shay.

Out of that we got from Blackstone the 2-8-0s, the EBT hoppers and the K-36 saga.


You might be better starting a conversation directly with Nancy. Nice lady and very approachable.


For me, I’m much more interested in saving for the new Division Point K-36 / K-37. US$2,280.00

Or even more likely to buy the UTI SP narrow Gauge 4-6-0s. #18 is my favourite.


Plus I’m winding down on new loco purchases. Pretty well got all I need / want.


Anyway have fun with wat you’re up to.

Best Regards

Phil Morrow





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Subject: [HOn3] Pricing Exercise for HOn3 Mogul


Hey HOn3 Community! I think everybody's got me convinced that a cheap, reliable small locomotive is probably not going to happen. The problem seems to be the initial investment that any company would have to invest in injection molding equipment, along with design, and the supply chain from designer to manufacturer to importer to retailer (a lot going on there). In order for any investment to pay off, everybody has to be able to clear all their overhead costs, and it would seem reasonable that they need that money back in a timely fashion (I'm guessing that a year would be best).

Although we cannot possibly hope to control the overhead costs, there is another part of the equation that could really help somebody (like say, Blackstone) if they wanted to try to bring a new offering to the market. Just for this academic exercise, let's just say, that the Colorado & Southern 2-6-0 might be a good starting point (popular in On30, should be pretty popular in HOn3). You were all pretty clear on a few things it MUST also have: impeccably great detail, DCC, 5 pole skew-wound can motor, machined brass flywheel, sound, directional lighting (with the new warm white LED, not those old blue ones), crack-resistant gears, and of course provision for Kadee couplers or similar. Perhaps smoke, but I'm not a great fan of that in smaller scales, so I'd leave that off. OK, so here's the question: would you be interested in such a locomotive (be honest), AND what's the MOST you'd be willing to pay for this? Keep in mind, in order to help the industry, we'd have to know THE HIGHEST you'd be willing to pay for this little 2-6-0, and take into account things may be a little more expensive than when you bought your most recently-acquired loco. It will be interesting to see where the range of everybody's "maximum" ends up. Thanks much for sharing your thoughts! --CK

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