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Towne Comee

Yeah, and I want 25-cent gasoline, a loaf of bread for a nickel, a good 5-cent cigar and a beer for a quarter.  All just as unreasonable in this day and age as your $100 locomotive.  And "forcing" Blackstone to do something.  You are smoking something, my man.  You can suggest, but no way they or any other manufacturer is gong to be 'forced".  Get a grip.

Towne Comee
San Antonio, Texas 

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Deja bye all over again!!
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For a hundred
dollars.  Lets see here, lets add lights and DCC plus
sound as well!  Ya, and we all want it for only a
hundred dollars too
Facts:  The usual mark up has been 40% as an
industry standard so the importer only gets paid $60. 
Now add the 10% & 2% for prepaid with cash or certified
check, means the importer only gets $48.60 for his importing
efforts, the design work, tooling, raw materials, paying the
manufacturer, shipping, and import fees.  Now you add
on shipping fees to you which in most cases you want for
free because you are spending more than $100, right. 
Take that $10 shipping out of his total and we are down to
$38.60.  The Chinese want to get paid, the shipper
wants to get paid, the raw materials need to be paid for,
the dies and tooling cost and are of limited life. 
There is loss, advertising fees, besides employees who
unpack, sort, shelf, take orders, fill orders, pack and get
things ready to for you.  Then there is that pesky
guarantee for when you screw up something, plus parts
inventory to fix stuff and provide parts to customers who
want to do modifications or replace missing or damaged
parts. Are you starting to get the
idea?  It is impossible to build a decent item in the
hundred dollar range.  It makes me wonder how
Blackstone holds the price of their cars as low as they do
because they are all works of art and are of such high
quality right out of the box that they are all ready for the
track.  I would suspect that a more reasonable entry
level small simple, no lights, no DCC, No Glass, no paint,
basic locomotive entry level price to be in the $200 to $250
price range even with the importer just breaking even. 
Now if he wants a profit, the price must go up.  So be
reasonable in today's market.  Think to yourself,
what is an entry level locomotive worth.  Back in 1964
gasoline was only 30 cents a gallon and PFM imported the
best brass around to offer entry level brass locomotives at
$34.95, that means it was equal value to 116.5 gallons of
gas.  Today a Gallon of gas costs about $2.40 in the
states.  So 116.5 times $2.40 is a new price of $279.60
for a basic, not painted, no lights or DCC controlled
locomotive.  Couple this with the emerging nations
financial states and the increased wages the manufactures
make in Japan, Korea, and China make over what they made in
the 1960's, and you get the idea that pricing and other
items goes up with wages.  Your wages go up so do our
prices.  I worked all summer long mowing lawns as a kid
to make $34.95 plus tax to have my local hobby shop,
Schlicker's tobacco & Hobby Shop in Elgin, Illinois
order me a PFM Ma&Pa 2-8-0 Consolidation #23-26 which to
me was the best locomotive that could be had at that
time.  Now I have over 250 pieces of brass, a dozen
Blackstone Locomotives, over 500 HO cars, of which I have
built perhaps over 90% out of wood.  I use to build
$4.25 Central Valley kits, $5.25 Ambroid kits, and scads of
others.  Even FSM kits were $4.95 to start with and now
look at them today.  So what is the crux of this story,
the dollar is just not worth as much as it was years
ago.  Lets not get into a discussion on why as it deals
with government.Dave

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Subject: [HOn3] Let’s Force Blackstone!!!!

Dear HOn3 Community,

Two things are now clear to me: HOn3 needs a steam
locomotive for less than $100 AND Blackstone is the only
company that can reasonably make that happen. We need to
stand up for our hobby, before it dies! Let’s tell them
what we want! Now keep in mind that such a steamer would
have to be small but popular. Which locomotives do you feel
would be the best candidates for the small HOn3 role?

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