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I would honestly stay away from the Stanton drives. One of my other interests is modeling the Northeast Corridor in modular standard gauge HO, and the stanton-powered MU cars (like Silverliners and Jersey Arrows) have demonstrated poor operation and reliability. They will run for about half an hour, and no longer; as the motors seem to lose all torque as they heat up. I have long since changed all of mine out because of it.

I do have a regauged Bachmann 70t unit that runs fairly well, but I haven't really run the drive in yet. Perhaps someone who's had one in regular service can tell us more about how reliable they are over time?

--Drew McCann

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Hi Darryl,

My point wasn’t for me to cobble up something on my workbench that probably wouldn’t run that great, but to point out that someone who has the contacts with Bachmann could get the 70 tonner produced by them in ready to run HOn3, with a minimal re-tooling effort (if only Bachmann were willing). Just the trucks (truck, really, since while there are two required for each loco, they would be the same, so only one set of new tools would be needed). Another possibility might be a couple of the Stanton Drive type trucks from NWSL, if they could be tooled up in HOn3. ConCor also had trucks in HOn3 for their trolley car and RGS Goose, so most of the tooling has already been done before.

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