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My wife gave me a scratched teflon frying pan. 

I put it in the stove, get the water warn-to hot, not boiling. I dont put more than 1/4" of water. I let it stay about 39 seconds at a time, then check to see if is warm.  Once the material us warm, I take it out and lay it on a piece of granite left over from remodeling the kitchen. 

Usually I can get it flat in one to two attempts.  The key is to get all the material warm (gently) so that it will stay flat when laid out. I was never successful with putting it under a lamp and letting the heat from a bulb heat the resin. Try fi doing anything but an LED light now.


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From: "John Stutz via Groups.Io" <john.c.stutz@...>
Date: 11/19/18 1:16 PM (GMT-08:00)
Subject: [HOn3] Shapeways resins

Any advice Mike, on how to straighten warped pieces?

I have an HOn3 WP&Y depressed center flat done in the FED/Smoothest resin. It
bowed up to about a 20 degree difference in the end deck angles.  I tried to
straighten it, and broke it.  Is there any way to safely straighten such?

John Stutz

On 11/18/2018 07:58 PM, Mike Conder wrote:
> The two resins are very similar, used to be FUD (frosted ultra detail IIRC) and
> FUD (frosted extreme detail), now Smooth and Smoothest.  For car sides I would
> spend the extra on the Snoothest.
> But remember, both are brittle resins so be careful handling the and DON'T DROP
> Mike Conder

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