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Russ Norris

You're right, of course.  I participated in a hands on clinic a few years ago taught by Dick Johannes from the HUB division on building a switch from scratch -- no frog, no points, just rail and a file.  We used a printed diagram on a piece of wood, laid the track on the picture, then spiked the rail .  I still have the switch.  Once you've done a few, I imagine it gets easier.  

Russ Norris

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From what I’ve read, in the beginnings of HO scale, there weren’t any premade switches at all, but there was flex track. All the switches had to be laid by hand at first, and later frogs became available as components. I know that the jigs that are now available from Fast Tracks must be of great help, but certainly folks must have been able to build switches without them. 

Bob, this is a great thread you started! Whatever you decide to do, please keep us updated—like a great novel , I’ve just got to see how it turns out! Chris Kodani 

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