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I have added code 70 sidings rail to my code 83 mainline.  Just for giggles. I wondered what would happen if I slipped my 70 rail into the 83 joiner. Exactly, wiggle room up, down and side to side. I slipped a piece of strip wood under the 70 rail to push it up against the top of the joiner, and the rails were flush. I as aligned the inside of the rails and flowed solder into the joiner and it worked perfectly.

Previously, I did the cutting away of the larger rail and soldered the smaller rail on top of the remaining flange. 

Big Al from Cal

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I've been doing some code 70 to code 55 transitions also.  I take a short length of code 70 rail, slip a code 70 rail joiner 1/2 way on and flatten the other half with a pair of flat jaw pliers.  Remove the joiner and install on track on layout.  Then simply solder the code 55 rail on top of the flattened joiner, and smooth the railheads as needed.  Of course you do have to make sure the rails are properly alligned.  Actually, this goes really quick.

Rob Bell
Waynesville, NC

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Yesterdays project. Remove 1/8" 70 web and head with jewelers saw and rail cutters. File 70 base to solder 55 on top of 70 base at correct height (Mark II Eyeball Methode). A bit of filing with #4 and finish with 400 sanding block.

Dusty Burman 

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