Re: Con Cor Galloping Goose Problems

Bill Nelson

On Nov 8, 2018, at 5:32 PM, Richard Johnson <killroy321@...> wrote:

Bill, curious how did you make the Pierce Arrow limo body?
Rich Johnson

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I  removed  the  bus  body,  used  a  razor  saw  to  cut  the  buss  body  off  just  behind  the  windshield,  preserving the  hood  and  windshield.   I  layered  up  styrene   shapes  to  build  the  Pierce  Arrow body.   That  was  before  I  had  a  good  digital  camera ,  so  I  don’t  have  a  lot  of  step  by  step  photos.

had  I  known  they  would  do  a  PA goose  later,  likely  I  wouldn’t  not  have  gone  through  the  trouble,  but  I  figured  it  was my  chance  to  have  a  goose,  and   I  personally  think  the  Bus  bodied  geese  are  uglier  than  homemade  sin,  and  too  late  for  my  era,  not  that  a  goose  belongs  in  eastern  TN.  in  1928

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