Boelube experience

Bill Lugg

I recently received a shipment of Boelube and have started using it in,
of all spiking!

I've been using a Kadee spiker for some time now and have been
frustrated by a mistake I mad a while back.  I made the poor choice of
pine (or fir, whatever the going common wood is these days at the lumber
store) to make my spline from.  I rip in into 0.25" strips and glue it
together following the track plan. I glue the ties to the spline after a
good sanding and then go to spiking and I found some time ago the wood
was too hard to accept the spikes.  So I was relegated to pre-drilling
holes before driving the spikes.  It was tedious, but I got a pretty
good system down and the spiker adjusted to where everything was working

Then Boelube came along and I got to thinking "I wonder if this stuff
would have an effect on the performance of the spiker".  So I
disassembled the business end of the beast, cleaned it up thoroughly and
applied a sparing amount of Boelube to the moving parts.  I also coated
the clips of spikes VERY sparingly with the lubricant before inserting
them in the spiker.  The results were impressive - I was able to spike
about 12' of track with no more misfires than when I was pre-drilling
and I didn't have to drill one hole.  It worked the way I imagined it
should have from the beginning.  Also, I'd always had problems with the
spiker jamming at the transition from one clip to another (I normally
load two clips at a time) or if a clip breaks on loading - wherever
there's a joint in the clips, it would jam. This didn't happen once
after lubing everything.

So, many thanks to the poster that made the group aware of this
impressive lubricant.  It's already saved me a fair amount of time and

Bill Lugg

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