Re: 3D Printer File for 20" Curve Aid

Russ Norris

That's how I set my curves.  I was a little less handy, ordering a set of clamps from Micro Mark to make my protractor from a piece of 1x3.  One clamp has a sharp point, the other holds a pencil.  It's probably one of my most helpful tools.

Russ Norris

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Date: 10/15/18 9:17 PM (GMT-05:00)
Subject: Re: [HOn3] 3D Printer File for 20" Curve Aid


Make one! I made my sweeps from cardboard. I made a protractor out of a piece of wood, drilled a pivot at one end and marked the centre line at the other (I was using a different radius). Cut it out carefully. It doesn't need to sit between the tracks, just follow the centre line when you mark it and keep an eye on the 'fairness' of the curve,

Mark K

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