Re: Looking for Silverton Information


Hi Mark!

That's a great offer I can't refuse!  I hope the member you speak of is doing well! 

If you make the trip north, I'm looking for a "smallish" (one or two story) wooden building with interesting graphics and, perhaps, some interesting architecture (trimwork, pillars, bay window, whatever...).  Photographs are all I need.  Right now I'm considering the Herr, Hodges, & Herr building (Many More Mtns, V3, p227) or the SIlverton Hotel (across the street).  But more photos would be very helpful and leave less to interpretation.

Someday I hope to tackle one of the many masonry buildings on Greene Street, but reproducing it as a kit would be a whole new area for me.

Finally,, more for Dave, Vol 2 of the George L. Beam book by J. Thode contains some very sharp pics of Silverton's structures, but close ups of individual structures are rare.



On 10/13/2018 10:16 AM, Mark Kasprowicz wrote:
The San Juan County Historical scociety is a very small organization not helped by the age of its members a key one of which had a major stroke just a few weeks ago. If it's just photos that are needed I'll drive up there (snow permitting!) and do the deed. Greene Street frontages and sides were possible. Any preferences?

Mark K
Durango CO

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