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I know what you're going through, Dave.� I've been looking for years for any book that illustrates Silverton's structures but I've never found a comprehensive source.� It's odd that no one has ever put a "railroad" book together strictly dealing with the town (hint hint).

I'm currently looking for a store from Silverton that I could make into a kit (and use on my own railroad).� So far, not much luck.� Many More Mountains. Volume 3 (Judge Allen Nossaman) is about the best source I've found.� It has a few pics of commercial structures and a lot of town maps.� And a lot of local history.

The historical society in Silverton has a wealth of great information, but I've always had a tough time dealing with them (Rose-Walsh Smelter).� If you're a member and in town I think you would have better luck.


�10/11/2018 11:59 PM, David Hunt wrote:

I'm looking for information about Silverton in the late 1940's.� A track diagram would be a good start.� Information about any local rail shippers and types of loads in and out would also be useful.� Pictures of the structures in town during this period would be the icing on the cake.


I would guess that I have the information in my library somewhere, but I haven't run across it yet.� If members of the group could point me in the right direction I would be most appreciative.




Dave Hunt


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