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lloyd lehrer

All I have ever used was picks with two exceptions one layout had sergents that needed magnets and one that had all perm mags under the tracks and electomags in some hard to see spots 

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On Fri, Oct 12, 2018, 5:43 PM LARRY KLOSE <lklose@...> wrote:
Re uncoupling, try those fuzzy toothpicks that now seem to be everywhere.
There was quite a discussion of this on the Sn3 list. I haven't tried them
on the Kadee 714's but they work great on the HO standard Kadees (which are
the universal standard in Sn3, also).  Push the little brush between the
knuckles twist a little and voila.  I'm cutting off all my uncoupling "glad
hands" in favor of this.  Some experimentation may be necessary--the brushes
come in several diameter and stiffness options.  I prefer the ones with a
little cover over the brush that comes off like a pen cap and can be put on
the other end to extend the handle.  These also have a wire core which seems
more durable than those with an integral plastic core.

I operate on a friend's HO layout frequently and I don't bother with his
Kadee magnet ramps any more.  I just bring my brushes.  They're good if you
get something between your teeth, too.  I keep a pack in my RR work apron
for when one wears out.



lloyd lehrer

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