Re: Couplers

Jim Marlett

Although I originally built my layout, or at least portions thereof, to use retractable under-track magnets for uncoupling Kadees, since trying the bamboo skewer technique I have abandoned magnets altogether. I may be blessed with steady hands or something, but it is really easy for me and nothing on my model railroad is a far reach. I’ve tried to keep my trackage within a foot of the front and no trackage is over 16 inches away.

Unfortunately, I am experiencing “Kadee bounce” and am considering switching to either Sergent Sharons or Kadee “scale head” couplers. It seems like Sergents would be the easier conversion, but I would like to hear from anyone who is actually using Kadee scale heads for HOn3. What I really wish is that Kadee would make a drop-in HOn3 coupler that worked like 150 series, but fit the existing HOn3 coupler box without modification.

On Oct 11, 2018, at 4:41 PM, Climax@... wrote:

>Although I have not tried it, I have seen and heard of people that use a long pointed stick that they put down into the coupler and and twist is to pop the couplers open when not over a magnet.

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