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John Stutz

I have previously advocated using the so called "N-scale" couplers made by MicroTrains(MT) for HOn3. When compared to a Sargent "Sharon" they are vary near the right size for a circa 1900 full size MCB coupler, as used by the Colorado NG roads. They are still oversize for the 3/4 size MCBs that were mostly used on the 3' gauge elsewhere.

You are correct that MT couplers "... still are a split coupler.", but there are two distinct types of MT split couplers. The MT 1024 & 1025 are downsized versions of the Kadee 714, and suffer the same problems. I have scrapped all that I once had.

The MT 1015, 1016, & 1019 reverse the 714's spring arrangement, placing the spring outboard of the pivot instead of inboard of it. This eliminates the objectionable spring action that occurs while pulling cars equipped with 714s, although you then get spring action while pushing cars. The big advantage of the MT 1015 & etc. is how the spring placement affects coupling to a car. With the original style split couplers, the moment that two couplers touch the coupling force is applied to the standing car. If the couplers do not immediately open, you are pushing the car down the siding. With the revised style split couplers, the centering springs must close before significant force is applied to the standing car. This gives you almost 1/16"(1.6mm) of free play, where the couplers are prying each other open under mere spring pressure, before you actually start pushing the standing car. This makes a big difference when coupling to light cars, and still helps with heavier ones.

That said, I am quite attracted to Sargent's Sharon couplers.

Note: I had never run across Dale Buxton's HOn3 coupler boxes for Sargent couplers. Even had a hard time finding them today. Finally found them by using Shapeway's search with "Hon3 coupler boxes". Actually got 21 pages worth of references, but Dale's were the second item listed.

John Stutz

On 10/11/2018 06:46 AM, Dusty wrote:
Some people use the N scale couplers. They are smaller but close up they still are a split coupler.
Dusty Burman

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