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    I sure didn't mean to upset you, or anyone else, for that matter!  Didn't intend to be unfair.  I had read the comment about his opening the design work up for others to use.  I thought I had also heard of cut backs in assembled couplers and certain quantities of others.  I have also heard from others, locally and off line, wondering about future production.  So, thought my question was well reasoned.  I'm glad to hear production is still ongoing and that it will be for the foreseeable future.  I wonder how many others are out there with the same misconception as I had?

    I am glad that I brought up the self centering coupler box you had designed.  It sounds like there are some others out there who didn't know about them.  Maybe that comment will perk up your sales.  I'm sure going to give it some thought and maybe give the couplers another try using your coupler box.  It sounds like no one has any answers to my other questions.  So apparently no one has found a way to integrate operations with Kadees until you can get your whole fleet converted.

    It would be good to know more about your thoughts on your different operation process.  I know we do a lot of things in our model world that the real roads didn't do.  Our trains run on electricity, our turnouts (or switches) are often thrown by electric motors, or by air pressure, we often throw the turnout before the train gets to the turnout and so on.  Sometimes it is just our size that makes these things necessary.  We're too big to get down beside the car and lift the cut lever to uncouple the car.  So, in a couple of the cases I cited, my size makes it so I can't do that operation as realistically as I'd like.  And it is in those situations where I need help understanding how others accomplish what I can't seem to figure out.

    Those are the things I was wanting to get clarity on.  Thanks for your help clarifying Sergent availability.  And thanks for your work on the coupler box to facilitate coupler self centering.  Further knowledge of how to accomplish that at the back of a big yard, or where there is some impediment between the operator and the car and its coupler would be helpful and appreciated.

Duncan Harvey

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