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Jim Marlett

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We FINALLY started shipping the new HO Crested Butte Depot kit today.  Yes, we did it in S-scale a few years back, but the HO modelers expressed enough interest that I decided to make it our first kit "out of retirement".  (I've learned that golf doesn't pay the bills!)

If you're not familiar with the depot, it still stands in Crested Butte, Colorado, beautifully restored.  It's a small (HO footprint: 5 5/8 x 11 1/2 inches) two story depot and has some very unique features for the D&RGW.  The kit is designed like all of our previous depots:  an inner plywood core with interior walls and flooring for both support and view blocking; peel-and-stick overlay siding (aged clapboard and wainscoting); a LOT of trim (making this depot stand out); three options for the doors; a chimney mastered to match the prototype's; more than 8 sheets of our textured peel-and-stick, textured, scale shingles; and, of course, door knobs, lockplates, and curtains.  The instructions (spiral bound, large print, 41 pages) include 49 photos as well as tips on adhesives, tools, and painting.  We take no shortcuts in our kits and only use the best of materials.  The kit sells for $225.

For more info and photos, please visit our website:

I hope you stop by!


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