Re: K-36 #487 in HOn3



I didn't have a "way-back" camera to record the locos while in service to the D&RGW (drat). All I could do was document what was still existing when I took the photos (in 2004 for the K-36) or thereabouts.

There have been a number of restorations since then, including rebuilding the early open cars made out of boxcars. I tried to get as many details as I could to show parts that usually never get seen, like the innards of the rotary plows or underbody parts.

Many of the locos that were silent back then are now alive and well, so it is a great time to get to Chama and see them.

Rick Blanchard

Regarding the Quick Pic Books: Those based on recent photographs of long
out of service rolling stock occasionally fail to comment on missing and
altered or "restored" details.

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