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Towne Comee

Excellent "flowing" water in your creek, too, Jeff!
Towne Comee
San Antonio, Texas 

On Thursday, September 20, 2018 1:28 PM, Jeff Young <jeff@...> wrote:

Hi Craig,

My limber pine trees start out as Grand Central Gems “Lodgepole Pines” (never mind that they look nothing like a lodgepole pine).  I sacrifice 3 trees out of each package of 8.  Some of the sacrificial branches go to fill in the other 5 trees, and some are cut up and glued to toothpick armatures to form matching saplings.

My lodgepole pines start out as Woodland Scenics “Standing Timber” .  I thin out the foliage a bit, again adding the extra to toothpicks for saplings.  Since the foliage on these has no structure, I cross-drill the toothpicks and glue in wallpaper brush hairs to form branches.  I also strip some of the armatures, flock them with static grass, and paint them gray for dead trees.

Stumps are berberis shrub branches.

(The willow bushes in that last picture are described here:


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