Re: K-36 #487 in HOn3

Jim Spencer

Graeme, the most common reason for a driver bind is a driver out of quarter. You can actually eyeball which one it is by lifting the gearbox and worm off the main gear. Then with rods connected rotate the drivers to see which one appears to either lead or lag the others. It is then possible to twist the offending driver on its axle to correct the problem. I’ve done it many times.
Also I believe the PSC K-36s were built by MSM, same builder as the Overland K-36s.

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Mick, interesting builder for the PSC 2002 run, I have one as well, #482, and have asked PSC just who the builder was, Locodoc list the builder as Boo Rim, but PSC have replied that it was MPS.
Just speaking on my model, as a looker it is stunning, as a runner not so. Have had DCC & Sound installed, and installer believed all it needed was some bench time breaking in, have done a good 20 + hours both directions over a few months with a couple of very light lubes mixed in and no improvement. There is a small bind that will stall at very slow speeds. Have looked at Locodocs pages for guidance.
We are maybe heading Colorado way next year for a trip to see the narrow gauge old and new, so thinking the #482 will be in my checked baggage for a visit to Locodoc for a much needed upgrade.


Graeme Walker
Kiwi in Australia

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