Re: Westside K-36 #482 Motor?

Jim Spencer

I should add: but don’t oil the tender wheels.  That wipes out the electrical continuity to the left rail. 

On Sep 14, 2018, at 11:55 AM, Jim Spencer <trainmanjs@...> wrote:

Though I don’t own one of Westside K-36s, I have several smaller C-class locos with the Namiki motors.  They all work fine.  But your motor doesn’t look like a Namiki.  It is quite large, though maybe there was a larger version used in the K-36s.

But if it runs, put it back together and run it.  Also, the main gearbox should be accessible from underneath without need to remove the boiler-cab.  There should be cover plate that when removed exposes the main drive great that meshes with the worm above.  That gear will need to be greased.  The rest, rods, wheel bearings, should be oiled.

Good luck.,

On Sep 14, 2018, at 10:53 AM, Jim Betz <jimbetz@...> wrote:

  I opened up a Westside K-36 today in order to lube it (probably didn't need to)
The attached picture is of the motor and running gear.  There are zero markings
on this motor - it is just black.  Is this probably the not so desirable Namiki (?)
motor (i.e. the original)?  The model is nicely painted but does not appear to
have -ever- been run other than just to demo it for a few minutes.

  I am not looking forward to tearing it down again.  I have it back together
but it took about 45 minutes of fiddling to get all the various 'parts' back to
where they should be . piston rods, crosshead slides, valve rod, the 3
'braces' for the plow, and finally the pilot truck ... and then I had to figure
out how to bet the gear cover back on the bottom of the gear box
(removed to inspect and lube gear box).

  The cab roof is 'loose' - as in it can be moved and 'repositioned' (without
actually removing it.  There is one screw that seems to be there to hold it
in place ... but it doesn't.  Any hints on that?
                                                                                                        - Jim B.

James G. Spencer, Architect, AIA 

James G. Spencer, Architect, AIA 

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