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Paul, any adjustments you learned from all those installs you are willing to  expand upon? 

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On Wed, Sep 12, 2018, 9:47 PM Paul Sturtz <apa_208@...> wrote:
This subject comes up every now and then.  Yes, there was an article in RMC July 2008 by the Hauff brothers on how to convert Bachman 70t std gauge diesels to HOn3.  It involved cutting the truck gear boxes shorter in order to fit NWSL wheel/axles.  These were specially made for the Hauffs at first but became a catalog item from NWSL.  They are no longer made but sometimes may be found in the stash of modelers who never got around to using them.  In addition, Bachmann changed the design of the 70t (and 44t) trucks so even if you have the wheel/axle kit, you have to find the old style diesel.  

I have converted 38 Bachmann 70t and 44t to HOn3.  I sold all but three and those remaining have sound installed.  Due to differences in gearing, the 44t didn't run as well as the 70t so I only converted two of them.  I have posted photos in the past but I'm not sure if they made the move to this site.

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