Re: 3D Printed Class 8 Camel and Economy Door Box Cars

Mark Lewis


Looking forward to my 2 ordered kits!

Mark Lewis
Narrow gauge modeling in N.C.

On Wed, Jan 4, 2023, 11:09 PM Eric Hayward <ehayward482@...> wrote:
Little Update, I've done a bit more dialing in and I think I've got the box cars now about as good as I can get them, I have swapped to wire for the brake staff and grab irons and created a simple bending jig. In addition to the Camel Door Hardware, I also have Economy Door hardware versions available. I've got some up on Ebay currently, give Gato Model Works a search and you should find them. If ebay is not your thing or stock on ebay is running low, feel free to find gato model works on facebook and send me a message there or email me at gatomodelworks at and I can invoice directly with paypal. I'm hoping if these do well to get a website up and running.

$20/kit + Shipping

Included in each kit:
1x Car Body - Economy Door or Camel Door
1x Car Frame - Brake Rigging detail is Printed in place
2x Truck Frames - 3'-7" Arch Bar Trucks for Kadee 718 Wheels
2x Truck Mounting Screws
8x Stirrups 
4x Turn Buckle pairs
2x Brake Wheels
1x Grab Iron Bending
2x Coupler Box Lids
Monofilament Line for Truss Rods
These kits require Kadee 718 wheelsets and 714 couplers to complete, .0125 wire for grab irons and brake staff, paint, and decal to your liking.

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