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lloyd lehrer

The phone # is active and it was a female voice message. I suspect the business may still be on going.

lloyd lehrer 310 951-9097

On Sat, Sep 24, 2022, 12:34 PM wayne_h_sanderson <whsander@...> wrote:
Sadly, I have just learned of the passing a few months ago of Nathan Klein of Nate’s Light Iron Hobbies. I purchased from him, luckily, some Blackstone C-19s before they started going for crazy money. I corresponded with him, then lost touch with him when my own life hit a hard turn. He was good people, gone far too soon.

Life is too short. Model railroad equipment passes on from person to person just as paintings from the old masters have through the centuries. Equipment like brass locos and unbuilt discontinued kits represent the dreams of each owner, the hope of having the grand dream of modeling that vision we all have. As often as not, dreams are unrealized and equipment sold on. Such with Nate’s C-19s and EBT hoppers which I am the current custodian of. I have my own dream layout on paper. Hopefully Nate’s legacy equipment will operate on it and shine in reality as it does in the mind’s eye.

Farewell Nate, and thank you for everything.

lloyd lehrer

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