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Actually I did improve on the string through the spring trick a few years back.  I found some .003 copper magnet wire on a spool.  I take about 2 to 3 inches of that and run it through the spring the way way I did the strings and then once the spring is in place it slides out much smoother.  I use to keep the Kadee coupler springs in several envelopes and now I don't need to any more. 

I use that same wire to put between power poles.  I put glass beads on the cross arms or onto a telegraph pole at a 45 degree angle with a .020 brass wire sticking into a hole and clipped off flush on the other side.  Then I just take the wire and start at one pole and go to the next, once around the base of the bead, continue to the next and so on and so forth.  Its even easy to add drops to transformers and structures that way too.  I then take my finger and apply a tiny bit of pressure along the line between poles gently, which gives it the natural droop, paint it black and its done.  They are almost invisible and I've snagged them a few times with my finger.  My cure to that was to super glue Weston/Campbell pigeons to the tops of the wires always in odd numbers.  I may not see the wire but I sure can see the pigeons.  Because it is wire it doesn't twist and each bird is balanced anyway.  I have power lines across some parked yard cars and put a line of pigeon poop right under the wire on their roofs.  So many of our power line applications look so fake but this did the trick.  I always keep a couple spools around for all kinds of things.


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Hello, troops,


I’m back to building more HOn3 cars and I have a small stash of Sergent Couplers. (Lucky Me)


Some time back, I bought some Coupler Pockets from Shapeways, and they worked just fine.


I’m sure they were designed and made by one of the guys in this group, but for the life of me, I can’t recall who it was.


The Pockets were in a transparent plastic and were fixed so I could put a spring in the back so the coupler would stay where I put it.


Don’t ask me how many of those springs were launched into Lunar Orbit, but the one’s I was able to get in place really work just fine.


I want to order some more, so if some kind soul can point me in the right direction, I will get them coming, soon.


Shapeways site seems to have some conflicting designs, so that’s why I need some advice.


I think the guy may have had an article in the NG&SL Gazette or more likely the HOn3 Annual, regarding the coupler pockets.


Thanks, in advance,


Mike Van Hove





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