Re: estate was Re: [HOn3] NG&SLG - Complete Set - All but 5


I've pretty much decided to do the same with my stash, except that it will go to my Brother, who also displays signs of the same sub-4'8 1/2" madness with which I have been afflicted lo these many years! (Like you, I made sure I took out plenty of LI on myself too- my sweetie won't have to part out a collection on eBay to have money to live on)

I may have to partially revise my bequest if my planned Twin Mountain & Potomac HOn3 layout turns out to be a success. We moved from NJ to WV for our retirement, in between Hagerstown MD and Keyser WV, where the TM&P was headquartered. (Only an hour and a half from the EBT too- I had my eye on the map when we were shopping for a new home!) If I do a credible job, maybe my TM&P layout will be of interest as a donation someday in the Keyser/Burlington area, where the real line ran.

Before I start patting myself on the back I need to successfully brass-bash my two PFM RGS #20's into TM&P #s 1 and 2. If I survive that with running locomotives and still have all my marbles, I'll have a shot!

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