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Great looking building.  May I make a suggestion for all two story buildings and higher.  Include material which would provide more inside bracing, but do it in the form of a second floor and include enough material to make visual blocks when you look through the windows.  Just a piece of cardstock folded at a 90 degree angle and glued to the floor would be good.  One of the things that really bugs me is looking at a structure and being able to see right through it as a hollow structure.  By putting in the visual blocks and a second floor it also allows builders to set interiors inside and light then up with LEDs if they are so inclined.  Now that is a great sight to see a quality building and see lights both on the outside and inside with interior details being lit up.  It takes an average building and moves it into the extrasensory level.  We see this in structures that FSM did in open freight doors etc.  It made the building come alive especially if the builder puts figures and vehicles into the scene.  After all we are modeling real life and not just hollow shells.  The inclusion of a floor and walls that can be cut and folded from a single sheet of card stock and have it rest on horizontal braces inside.  I always build models with removable roofs or ways to get inside if I have to.  Easy job to do.  Just some ideas.  

Dave Barron  MMR#200

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 Just finished kit MCS-1009 in HO.  I changed the basic kit to allow the sheds to get moved around, or built as free-standing sheds, and any exposed openings can be covered with included windows.  I like the idea that kits should be flexible in case they are used in non-prototype locations.  Looking into designing the mine as well from photos and Sanborn maps for footprints.  Looks to be covered in tar paper as well.  Not the most attractive structure along the RGS!
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