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I havea lift out section which contains a bridge as I use the route as a walk way.  Using the same technique I have spring loaded wires that when the bridge is lifted out the wires are pushed up to prevent a "canyon fall" from an unguarded track.  I also use metal wiper contacts at each end of the bridge to power the lift out section.  Not only does it provide power from both sides but being metal I get no wear like wood on wood.  

I also have a lift bridge which rotates up from one side and just use jumper wires for power, the lift bridge, for a walk way, is a CV bridge.  Due to its extended length I had a piece of sheet metal formed into a T under it all painted the same color to prevent sagging.  Since the view is down nobody ever sees it.  The folded bottom part of the T fits into a groove on the other side for alignment.  I counter weighted it with a 5 pound block of lead on a chain. Works good too.  

Sometimes a little imagination and look at old photographs will give you ideas on how to do things.


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A simple tie stuck between the end two ties laying on one rail would work and still is used.
IF you are close to the "End of the world" (edge of bench-work) I also use a very fine piece of piano wire mounted vertically to catch the wheels of a car.
Let me see about some pictures here, will add when taken.
Paul Buhrke
D&RGW Salida Division
Lost in the Black Canyon in 1929


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