Re: 42nd National Narrow Gauge Convention - we have our clearance card

Mike Conder

Yes, come to Denver next year if you can't make Tacoma this year.  We're working to make it a great convention. 

Get tickets well in advance and save $$$. 

Mike Conder

On Wed, Aug 17, 2022 at 7:11 AM zoooctan via <> wrote:
I would so love to attend. I've just checked out the website (and hotel website) and it seems so wonderfully organised. Unfortunately as it's the Labour Day weekend, a ticket from Singapore fo Seattle for me would cost somewhere in the region of US$2500-3000 coach! So maybe I should plan better and way ahead ...for the next one.
I hope all attendees have fun and stay safe. Please share photos (and videos if possible).

Mike Conder

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