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Put the compressor someplace outside where it can make all the nose it wants, then run a quarter inch water line from there to where you are with fitting on it to accept the compressor at one end and the airbrush hose on the other.  It make take a minute or so to compress the air in the line but you are also taking the bumps of compressions out of the air for a nice clean even spray.

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The weakest link here is the airbrush. For detail work it's not very accurate, you cannot alter the needle size/ nozzle for real detail  and as for air control any airbrush allows you to control the pressure, single or double action.
Yes is it quiet but mine is nowhere near 25psi and only runs at full pressure for 20 maybe 25 minutes. If compressor noise is a problem then make a hush box for it or use a Testors cheapo tankless device and spend more on a decent air brush. These things were aimed at ladies nail salons not model railroad. I managed to pass mine on.

Mark K


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