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It was just all humor and a play on words, sorry to the thin skinned that were offended.

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Hey, no political in this forum please

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It's a Catholic airbrush.
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That praying track, is that the track that passes by the church?  Also, that Co. Trolling, not sure if that is Company Trolling or ???

hahaah  Sorry, I just felt humorous.  



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It's not a Passache airbrush, but does great work on scenery.  Besides being great for a praying track, I found it perfect for other items.
I had a lot of medium green 12mm static grass, which I pressed into Matt medium to create patches of weeds. The airbrush worked perfectly to overspray some of the weeds in different shades of dryness.  I oversprayed some pine trees to give them a different shade of green and one skinny pine with an overspray of orange to look like it was dying.
The dual action allows for co trolling both paint and air with one finger.
FYI, they are out of stock at this time.
Big Al from Cal
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Has anybody has any experience with this item from Micromark:

It seems like it might be useful for track detailing and other on-layout
work, but if it's junk, I don't want to waste the money.

Bill Lugg



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