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wrap the hose once around your arm and then put it in your hand and that will eliminate the hang down problem that snags scenery.


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I already have a good quality Paasche dual-action airbrush and all the

trimmings.  However, when working on the layout, especially reaching

across scenery with the hose hanging off it, I'm concerned I'm going to

break something.  This seemed like a possible good alternative without

stuff hanging off, and no compressor to deal with - as Russ Norris

suggested, a rechargeable rattle can, albeit perhaps with a little

better nozzle and more color variety.


Bill Lugg


On 8/3/22 14:00, Nigel Phillips wrote:

> Probably a waste of money. Get a decent airbrush and a compressor with

> an air reservoir and pressure adjuster.


> Nigel









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