Re: San Juan Details trucks and NG pictorials....

Mark Lewis


As far as "how they roll" compared to the original Grandt Line truck my very simple roll test on a 3' piece of M-E code 70 flex track, which my layout is being built with...I think the new truck set roll a little bit better than the original Grandt Line truck sets. On the new sets, there is a "really tiny" bit of casting flash, compared to none on the originals.  Most people won't even deal with, but it is there and 10 seconds with a new #11 blade, it was gone. I'm impressed and hope Doug will find a way to produce the other common variations (4'8" arch bar, caboose, tank car passenger, Bettendorf, etc.) of D&RGW, RGS & C&S narrow gauge truck sets, in the near future.

Mark Lewis
Narrow gauge modeling in N.C.

On Tue, Jul 19, 2022 at 11:56 AM Scott Baker <sbake5570@...> wrote:
I'm curious how they roll compared to previous Grandtline? Due to shortage of Blackstone trucks, I have been using the new two-piece Kadee's for my scratch and kit built Hon3 cars and they roll just as well as Blackstone. I have also used PSC, RG Models, "old" Grandtline, and recently Leadville Designs and they all have performed without problems.


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