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Same here.  I use to be so proud of my collections of magazines that I kept in binders.  I had MRR, RMC, Gazette, SLIM Gauge News, Timber Times, Timber Beast, a couple hundred hard and soft backs, and even Walthers catalogs dating back into the 1940's.  Now it seems like its pretty much dead weight.  I stopped MRR as it became better than half just advertising and the editors and staff just seemed more arrogant then the last ones.  Otherones like Timberbeast and Timber Times Stopped publication.  SGN and another combined to be Gazette.  I guess I am just a packrat and refuse to throw away magazines that are new until you read them for each person that picks them up.  I know the day I throw them all out, give them away or sell them, that I will be looking for an article.  Most of these have traveled with me from Illinois, to Michigan, to Key West, to Puerto Rico, to Orlando, the DFW TX, and back to Orlando again.  They got miles on them but being in the rod type of binders keeps them all in great shape and I can keep them in order.


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Like you Russ, I've trimmed my magazine subscriptions back to the

Gazette and the historical society publications that interest me (and

that I choose to support).  In addition, I subscribe to MRH, which I

find fills in the gaps for my SG interests, keeps me up to date on new

offerings outside the NG community and they have some interesting ideas

for how to do things.  I've also found their online forum to be quite

helpful on more than one occasion.


Bill Lugg



On 7/10/22 15:50, Russ Norris wrote:

> I have always felt that MR geared a lot of its articles to beginners

> in the hobby, while RMC seemed to have more for the experienced

> modeler.  That was the main reason I dropped my subscription to MR. 

> In recent years I have reduced my magazine subscriptions to the

> Gazette and one or two journals that focus on my particular modeling

> interests, chiefly the East Broad Top.   That's more than enough to

> keep me busy.


> Russ


> On Sun, Jul 10, 2022, 5:43 PM Dusty via

> wrote:


> I just discovered that my MR subscription entitles me to virtually

> nothing online at Clambake. How many website references in my

> precious 64 pages of MR are useless without

> ?


> Instead of my MR subscription I should have

> , huh?


> Hmmmmmm......


> Dusty Burman



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> Russ Norris, MMR

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