Re: July RMC Editorial on NG diesels

Mark Lewis


From your business base of HO standard gauge customers, I can see where you might think narrow gauge modeling is in a decline, but that isn't the case.
I do agree with your comment about not being able to depend  on "traditional manufacturers" for narrow gauge products, as I guess they have their hands full of designing and introducing standard gauge locomotives and rolling stock, every few months!

Best wishes for your business.

Mark Lewis
Narrow gauge modeling in N.C.

On Sat, Jul 9, 2022, 7:45 PM Zach Pabis <zachpabis@...> wrote:

I must admit I am not well educated on the subject. I have been doing commercial model building work for about 5 years now and almost everything I'm commissioned for is HO standard gauge. When starting my business I thought I would get a ton of narrow gauge projects considering I could print just about anythi, but everyone just seems to want HO. Those Alcos are my first narrow gauge projection in all that time, but perhaps that argues the opposite of what I said. In any case, I think my point still stands that modellers can't rely on traditional manufacturers, as other comments in this thread have illustrated.


On Sat, Jul 9, 2022 at 6:18 PM Art Rogers <railroadloads@...> wrote:

Wuiske Models offers 5 different HOm (12mm gauge) RTR Queensland Railways diesels, all with a strong EMD look.  I have not determined how difficult it is to re-gauge them to 10.5mm.

This was mentioned, mostly about the fact someone is making them. I've seen the Shapeways ones as well, although I haven't bought one. 


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