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 Rey Nice Steve!

On Aug 21, 2018, at 7:52 PM, Steve Hatch <hatch@...> wrote:

I had an open house Saturday and while running trains, I was asked several times why I'm so adamant about
accurate gauge and wheel sets..  As much as I've explained it, I decided running too big a train unattended in
front of everybody hoping they would see that they run just like the "real" trains they don't derail unless you do
something stupid like forget to throw a turnout in front of a Loco.  So here's the video I took to make no mistake
about what's possible.  I even had to run ahead of the loco because I forgot to set a turnout (blush)
   But enjoy please. It's fun just watching them run when they don't crash.
2- K-27's and 19 cars running on the RGW
Steve Hatch
Dewey Arizona

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