Re: 1954 PFM United C-16 was K-27 revisited

Mike Conder

I agree, Mark, the C-16 would have been wonderful to get from Blackstone.  But it sounds like they may have fallen into thatvold trap of letting the "perfect" killed the"good enough".  I heard (read "rumor") that they thought there were too many prototypes with different details, both in loco number and in year modeled.  

Wish they would have just done a couple of basics with add-on details specific to a loco and era ... that could have provided C&S and other lines with a model that excellently and sounded great.  Something like they did with the "early" C-19.  I daresay that they may have outsold the K-27's and C-19's!

Mike C
Mike Conder

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