Re: 1954 PFM United C-16 was K-27 revisited

Mark Kasprowicz


I'd agree. It looks the Kemtron C-16 by-passed United totally evidenced by the fact that United never made a C-16. As Earl states the Brown book list 1 C-16 made in 1955 but the previous year a K-28 appears, again just one being made. That went into production in '55, a total of 48 being made that year, more in following years. I believe one of the earlier ones passed though my hands some years ago The tender wrap was made up of two side. Each side coming from the water legs to a point in the middle of the back where they were joined in a visible seam. I still have the wrap somewhere. But I think you're right that the first C-16's were Kemtron and their csstings etc went onto PSC.

I don't think I am giving anything away here but as Blackstone was going through the C-19 design stages a good deal of attention also was given to the commonality of parts between it and other C-Class D&RG and RGS locomotives. I remember walking into the ex-Fed's office that Jeff and Jessica moved into and saw photos of all C-Class locos, not just the 19's, pinned up all over the place. Such a pity - the C-16 is the perfect Colorado tea kettle - yes, even more than the 315 /425!!

Mark K

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