Re: DRG #168 Project: Smokebox-Boiler-Firebox

Glenn Butcher

The drawing I have of #169 shows the firebox front back at least 3 feet from the tapered course, and the photos of #168 confirm that.  For the other end, I don't have a precise measurement but I have a photo I took when the locomotive was being restored, standing in the cab looking forward, and the boiler/firebox appears to come into the cab about half-way.

At the NGDF, here's a link to the post containing the drawing:,320141,320478

On 6/6/22 10:22, jczul36 via wrote:
Question, on almost all boilers on smaller engines, the taper of the boiler begins where the fire box ends. Is the T-12 different? I noticed your taper starts after the firebox.
Also, if I’m not mistaken, doesn’t the T-12 boiler end shortly after the firewall in the cab? In other words, the boiler doesn’t go to the back wall of the cab as on C class engines.

On Jun 6, 2022, at 8:30 AM, Glenn Butcher <glenn.butcher@...> wrote:

Oh, I'll take any photos I can get. I have a bunch already, but it's amazing how you can go back home after such an opportunity and find you're still missing a view of some detail you're trying to model...

On 6/6/22 09:27, Bill Lugg via wrote:
Did I send you my photos of the 168 from the Victorian Iron Horses
weekend last year at the CATS?

I should have looked at them first, I could have answered my own
question. The tender photo I have shows pretty clearly round rivets, so
you're definitely on the right track.

Bill Lugg

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