Re: DRG #168 Project: Smokebox-Boiler-Firebox

Glenn Butcher

Indeed, the prototype has conical rivets.  I'd originally coded the modules with spheres, then went to lay out the rivet courses on the smokebox; brought up a photo, zoomed in and gee, there they were...

The recently-rebuilt tender rivets are spherical, and the tender as it sat in the park appears to have spherical rivets (according to the grainy pictures I have), that is), so I'll have to make my modules configurable in that regard, somehow...

On 6/6/22 09:02, Bill Lugg via wrote:
Fascinating post.  I'm learning a lot about what a person can do with
OpenSCAD from your experiences.  I noticed you chose conical rivet heads
for the smokebox.  Is that because the prototype rivets are shaped that
way?  I guess I would have chosen a sphere for the rivet head.

The reason I ask is that I'm going to be modeling a water tank that has
A LOT of rivets on it and wondered if there are logistical reasons for
your choice.

Bill Lugg

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