`D&RG #168 - Early Prints

Glenn Butcher

Last time I posted something on my project, I was messing with laser-cut metal frames.  Well, I've vectored away from that and am experimenting with resin-printing the frame.  Results look promising so far, but I'm still far from convinced about the long-term performance of such.  Here's a picture of where I'm at so far, shot on 1/4" graph paper:

There are three separate parts, frame, smokebox, and boiler-firebox.  I'll probably combine the smokebox and boiler-firebox for later iterations.  The frame front droops a bit, I believe due to my hasty curing under the UV light.  I also wanted the drivers in this shot, but the frame and the overlay boiler are too wide; I knew that going in but wanted to print to see how much width I really needed to take off.  Kinda worried about how the gearing will fit in that space...

So far, resin printing is really showing it's worth in this sort of modeling.  If you're considerate of the way the printing process produces layers, you can render some fine detail.  Of note here are the snifter valves on the fronts of the cylinder chests.  I modeled them full-sized, scaled the drawing to HO, and glommed them on the chest fronts.  It takes a magnifying glass to see them, but they're pretty well-formed.  Here's a picture from an earlier iteration:

I'm learning a lot as I go, and I'll post it all somewhere persistent.  I'm also going to start a github repo for my CAD and STL files.

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