Re: D&RGW Wheel & Tie Car - What I'm Working On

Glenn Butcher

This is cool. What is the current state of your 168? Any other pictures of the model?
Here's a screenshot of what I've modeled so far:

I slowed down CAD modeling to set up for 3D printing.  I did get Shapeways to print the domes; they turned out nice, but extrapolating the cost to do the whole locomotive that way is what compelled me to buy my own printer.  I have frame sides and side rods, laser-cut by OSHCut; but I'll probably switch out the frame with a FDM-printed version.  For the drivers, I found the right size at Scalelink, a UK shop. From them I procured drivers, HOn3 axles and hornblock bearings that fit my frame slots.  Here's a picture of those parts:

Note that the side rods don't line up with the driver centers, bad CAD on my part, will have to rework.

#168 looked to be a simple first scratchbuild; I'm glad it is, because this journey to tool up has been daunting...  :D

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