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The structures remind me a lot of the old TImberlne Scale Models pre Campbell buy out.  I have the entire Timberline Kit line that I use as patterns once in a while.  I also have their casting which were much finer than the Campbell line and a lot more variety.  Some of the tall window and other detail castings have never been reproduced by anyone.  In addition they had a kit which if you purchased 4 of their regular kits they would send you for free.  It was a wooden turntable kit.  I also have that.  When I was a young teen back in 1962/3 I was purchasing those kits, which were ahead of their time by at least 20-30 years, and were based off "real building".  It kind of reminded me of the wood building town that was made of old building brought together south west of Denver Coloriado.  It was never a real town but the buildings are open with full interiors and even has a Masonic Lodge over the Drug Store.  I found it totally by chance on a drive. "On the edge of Fairplay lies South Park City, an extraordinary museum with 40 historic buildings. It was created in the late 1950s by a group of citizens concerned that the old mining and ghost towns of Park County were being dismantled and destroyed. The group recreated an 1800s gold mining town. Buildings were brought in from the high gulches of the Mosquito Range and from mining towns such as Alma, Leavick, Buckskin Joe and Montgomery. Most of these buildings showcase an array of period furnishings and equipment, and tours take you back in time to South Park's early days".  This is a must for anyone who is building scale old west or mining period modeling.




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Boy that wheel and tie car looks great!

I have been building some place holder card models for scenery....

Brian Kopp
Jacksonville, FL


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