Re: RGS Rico Engine House and Ridgway Roundhouse

Mark Kasprowicz

I started to build the Rico engine shed from Downtown Deco kits, but you need at least two of their engine house kits to have enough walls. You mention space as a problem and my issue with the second Rico engine house is that it is just that - the three tracks run parallel through it and Mike Blazak suggests that the HO length of the house should be about 18". I didn't have the space to do that plus the trackage at either end and add a wye (the Rico turntable never happened although planned) so I got Banta Sargents  kit with a couple of extra bays plus a kitwood turntable and went with that instead. Makes up nicely but getting the roof to sit correctly without gluing it down is a bit of a challenge - I think made more difficult in the extended version. Might try using miniature magnets to hold it down correctly.

Mark K

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