Re: RGS Rico Engine House and Ridgway Roundhouse

Seb J

This is very interesting news Mike ! :)
Will you take reservations for the kits ? Or doing it first comes first served ?


Le mar. 22 mars 2022 à 16:35, Mike Mc <michaeljmccarville@...> a écrit :
I am not sure what scale you are after, so that is a good place to start I guess.  I don't have release date or pricing yet, but I can tell you that I will be releasing the Ridgway Office\Warehouse and the Ridgway Roundhouse kits in HO.  The Ridgway Office is first up for release very soon.  I have a sneak peak on my website MccarvilleStudios, under "News", and I will announce it there first.  My site is  I have already built a demo, and I am in an exclusive partnership with a craftsman kit producer (not supposed to say who it is yet).  This will be a limited run, just in HO scale, with additional projects after the Ridgway Office and Roundhouse.  I will post kit walk-throughs on my YouTube channel and Facebook group as the products are released.  I hope to share more information soon in the next week or two.  Oh, and like you, I could not find kits for these structures, so I decided to take this more aggressive route than just finding a kit for just me.

Take care,
Mike McCarville

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